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The Kaizen Naturals Difference

Product Highlights

Kaizen Naturals 100% Whey Isolate is one of the purest forms of protein available. Each scoop contains 35 g of low temperature, cross-flow micro-filtered, undenatured whey protein sourced from grass fed cows. Build and maintain muscles with this low lactose protein containing 1 g of fat and 0 g of sugar. 100% Whey Isolate is available in 2 kg in both chocolate and vanilla and mixes easily into your favourite beverage. It’s also a great choice for your workout shakes and can kick-start the day in breakfast smoothies.

Quality Comes First

100% Whey Isolate is produced in a GMP registered facility and undergoes stringent testing and analysis. This ensures the highest quality standards. We guarantee ingredients on the label are exactly what you’ll find in the bottle and nothing else.

Natural Ingredients

100% Whey Isolate is non-GMO and formulated with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, keeping you fit and fuelled for your better life. After all, you get out what you put in.

Committed to Clean

100% Whey Isolate is gluten free and made in a peanut free facility. Clean products are paramount to those with food sensitivities which is why we are committed to naturally clean nutrition and real results.

To learn more about Kaizen Naturals visit kaizennaturals.com

Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving

Alanine 1719 mg, Arginine 803 mg, Aspartic Acid 3744 mg, Cysteine 879 mg, Glutamic Acid 5922 mg, Glycine 649 mg, Histidine 688 mg, Isoleucine† 2178 mg, Leucine† 3821 mg, Lysine 3171 mg, Methionine 726 mg, Phenylalanine 1185 mg, Proline 1949 mg, Serine 1643 mg, Threonine 2255 mg, Tryptophan 573 mg, Tyrosine 1032 mg, Valine† 2063 mg

† Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

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Naturally Clean Nutrition

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